New Moscow

In 2016, I moved to a new-built block of flats on the outskirts of Moscow. Before the move I was happy that I would live close to the nature. However, it turned out that the nature here is absolutely wild and it is impossible to have a simple walk in the forest in sneakers. And given that there is nothing around except for grocery stores and a pharmacy, the district generally turns into a place where you come just to stay overnight.  

Photography has become the means to integrate myself into this reality. I became interested in the first residents of this new district. I was walking around this new Moscow trying to document the starting point of a new life of the settlers, one of whom is me myself. To show this state of incompleteness and never ending construction projects, in which this area will be still for years. 

This is the social landscape of today’s Russia, with its vast expanses and unsuitable living conditions, its incompleteness and promises.